Specific Date Range in Tinderbox


I'm still having a bear of a time trying to get an agent in Tinderbox to find notes based on year and month.

Tinderbox Support


The support I get from core members of the Tinderbox team: it is another reason I sided with the idea of keeping an XML...



Yesterday, I set up agents to export their children formatted by another template with "linkTo(title)" (you can tell I got hooked on the "linkTo"...

the ^linkTo^


I haven't checked if "linkTo" was in previous versions of Tinderbox (replace quotes with carets). While trying to find a nice way to make...

Most Basic


Today, I tried to organize the site a little better using various agents. I ran into trouble when I tried building a template to...

Tinderbox and This Site


This site covers production and running a small business in Japan. It also talks about my experience with Tinderbox. I'm using it to build...