Elegant Repair


I'm fairly sure moving the main Tinderbox file for the website off to another hard disk resulted in breaking all the export template links....

Tinderbox Has Good Agents


When you discover Tinderbox agents can search on more than just a certain Prototype, and perform all those searches simultaneously, the game really begins...

Google Translate 1


Following is Google Translate's laughable translation of a post I made in Japanese.

Today, after a long time Jet's able to meet. Two...

Tinderbox colors


And there you have it from Mark Anderson!

I knew Tinderbox should take hex colors, too.

Tinderbox hash color

But type...



Yesterday, I set up agents to export their children formatted by another template with "linkTo(title)" (you can tell I got hooked on the "linkTo"...

the ^linkTo^


I haven't checked if "linkTo" was in previous versions of Tinderbox (replace quotes with carets). While trying to find a nice way to make...

It's the Details


For example, scroll bars. I was looking at one of the PDF files saved by Alchemy last night. As it turns out, Alchemy doesn't...

SVG from Alchemy


Alchemy is a very interesting new approach to design on computers that you should check out. I got my head around it and started...