Tinderbox and This Site


This site covers production and running a small business in Japan. It also talks about my experience with Tinderbox. I'm using it to build this site.

Since our company's last web site was defaced, I have been fascinated with Tinderbox. Many open source CMS packages are great and empowering for anybody with a few yen and very low level online tinkering skills. But backing up an online SQL database is just a little too much for me.

So I started looking for the obvious solution: keep the "live" (dynamic) database local and upload instances of it to the web. Filemaker Pro looked viable, especially as we already have it and DreamWeaver. But again, it's enough for me to mess around with HTML and CSS. I don't have the time or inclination to pick up PHP, necessary to call the data base content into each web page.

A bit more searching turned up Tinderbox. It's like the Swiss army knife of writing. And it's probably used like one, with most people only needing a subset of features. But when I look at the knife, flip it over and realize the odd little doo-dad that slides out the back is what I really need, it's kind of frustrating when I can't engage that feature.

I feel like the Cro-Magnon man handling the the source of fire. I often end up with Burnt Fingers.